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Super Saver Media

Super Saver Media is the engine behind many of today’s most popular daily deal sites! Offering a turnkey solution for merchants and businesses who want to participate in a proven successful system.

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What We Offer

Super Saver Media has created a local online shopping experience where customers can find the best value on things to do in their areas and more. Customers will find exclusive and exciting things to do each day, we offer a variety of offering from vacations and staycations to various goings-on and experiences including fine dining, fast food, family events and much more.
Our mission is to create a successful online deal site that maintains a large inventory of high demand deals that provide great values and experiences our customers love, results our merchants and affiliates love and a work environment our employees love.
The Super Saver Media Daily Deal site offers exciting new income stream opportunities to organizations with large customer followings/databases by bringing potential customers together with merchants to create a win/win with a proven model that just works. To find out how we can help you Contact Us!
  • Merchant Aqusition 100% 100%
  • Daily Email Campaigns 100% 100%
  • Website Maintenance & Customer Service 100% 100%

Our Work Flow

Running Effective Promotions

With over 28 years of combined experience in the daily deal industry, our team of Marketing Consultants can help you create effective promotions that protect your business and bring you a lot of new customers. When you run a promotion incorrectly, you might not see your new customers coming back when they don’t have a discount certificate; however, there are many techniques that we can teach you, which will help you retain a much higher percentage of new customers from your promotion.

Keeping Things Simple

If you’ve run daily deal promotions in the past, you know how complicated it can make things for your business; however, we make it simple. Even though we run your deal on multiple websites, you get all your stats and payments through us. We’ll be your one point of contact – you can even refer all the daily deal sales calls to us!

Profitable Promotions

We specialize in creating promotions that are more profitable for businesses. We use proven strategies to help you convert new customers into repeat customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive.

The partner program sounds good, but I don't have time! How much work is involved?
We do all the work, and pay you commissions! We acquire all the deals, and if you have a substantial database, we will promote the deals, maintain the deals and do all the customer service! Contact us for more informations!
How does Super Saver Media make money? How do I make money?
Super Saver Media charges businesses a fee for promoting their offers. The fee is generally a percentage of the revenue that is generated by the Deal. We pay our partners a percentage of the profits we generate on the deals!
How much does it cost a merchant to run a deal through the Super Saver Media Network?
There are never any up-front fees for a merchant to run their deals through the Super Saver Media network!
5 stars I really like this site! It’s easy to find deals and it has a lot of variety of options. I recently bought gift cards to boondocks and that was a great time. I also just got bought the living planet aquarium for a great deal. Looking forward to using that.
T. Carlston

These guys rock! Great Deals!
S. Hart

Great deals at great places. I check out all the deals here before going out on the weekends. It’s actually hard to go out without the extra savings 😉 I have saved thousands and have never had a problem! Keep the great deals coming!
S. Kelling

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