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For Merchants:

We provide the simplest solution for your marketing needs, bringing thousands of customers through your doors. It does not get any simpler then what we can offer. If you are a merchant that wants to increase your customer base immediately, contact us right away!

For Deal Site Partners:

We publish a 100% Complete Group Deal Site For Your Business. With our proprietary system you are up and running day one with everything you need.

  • We White Label our proprietary software, systems and services while running everything for you on our servers and handle customer service using our staff.
  • Yes we provide all the deals
  • Yes we provide all the customer service
  • Yes we provide everything you need to market to your customer base immediately

Is it any wonder Super Saver Media powers the top names in the deal industry and provides the simplest solution to grow your group deals business by using our world class turn-key system. Contact Us for more information.